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Payment & Security

Just like our twine, our website payment security is tough and durable. We use Worldpay with its whizzy encryption methods and superior scam sniffing techniques.


We hate bad kama, bad people and those nasty internet scam types. Luckily those clever people at Worldpay do all our security for us so you don't have to worry about a thing.

WorldPay processes millions of payments everyday for businesses all over the world so you can be sure that by providing us with your credit card details you have no worries and your classy twool product will be winging its way to your door within no time.

We are PCI Security Standards complient!

The PCI Data Security Standard is a common set of industry measurements to help ensure the safe handling of your sensitive information. Click on the little 'Trustwave' logo above to check us out.

Payment Types

So, you've chosen your favourite twool (good choice by the way, you have style) and placed into the shopping basket and are wondering how to pay? Well if you have any of the cards shown below you are in luck! Simply copy the stuff on the front into the nice secure form from the Worldpay guys and Bob's your uncle, couldn't be easier.

OK, so if you needed a little more than this on security and stuff, check out the legal gubbins.

What makes Twool special