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Granite woolly bag and lead

The Granite Way

The Canine Collection!

For all manner of woolly walkies, this collection of woolly walkers has a smarter than smart twool woolly cross-body bag and matching twool woolly dog lead.

The cross-body bag is perfect for all those essentials you need on your walk - whether it's a hound led hack or a mooch with the pooch. Being made from wool, the leads are soft on the hands while maintaining their strength. twool dogs lead the way.

The details - twool bags and leads are 100% British Wool with up-cycled British manufacturers leather waste. Woven in Yorkshire, hand finished in Devon. Lead approx 1 metre in length and 12mm in diameter. Cross-body bag approx size 26cm width x 26cm length.

Granite woolly bag and lead
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